The Home Buying Process

Residential Buyers:

(THE FIRST 48hrs)

The first step in the home buying process is to get a “letter of qualification” by a local lender.  If you plan on buying with cash then a proof of funds letter from your bank should be on-hand.  These documents greatly increase your negotiating position once you find a home and decide to place an offer.  As in all important endeavors…Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.  Click here to get in touch with one of our preferred lenders.

Once you are prepared with the proper financial documentation your agent will begin researching available properties that fit your purchase criteria...

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Home Financing Basics

The following interview was conducted by Andries Butler, C.E.O. of N.A.C. Realty LLC, with Kevin Meador of Gulf South Mortgage to provide an overview of the mortgage process as well as some details on financing options.

Hi Kevin.  Please explain your credentials?

I have 12 years of mortgage loan experience.  I am a preferred lender for all the major builders on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and I have a large realtor referral base.  I have worked hard to maintain my reputation as one of the leading loan officers on the coast and I have achieved this level of success because of the trust and respect I have earned over the past 12 years.  My best references come from my former customers.  I can provide any number of Realtors and/or past customers who would speak on my behalf.

What are ...

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